We are preparing new global product-data platform and innovative on-line services for Promotional Industry.
The official launch of our services is planned for the 4rd quarter of 2018.

What we are preparing ...

Product Data Management Platform:
  • ProductBank - Universal product data management platform + EU & Asia supplier data integrations + Data feeds and APIs
  • ProductMarket - Global transaction market for promotional products with on-line calculations and production control + Trading APIs
Promotional Industry Apps & Services:
  • LogoProcessor - Processing vector logo (Corel, Illustrator, EPS, PDF etc.) with CMYK/Pantone colors detection
  • LogoViewer - Automatic logo 3D Visualization (Virtual Samples for Promotional Product)
  • LogoEditor - Visual Logo Editor (change logo size and position in 3D = easy on-line Print-Proof)
  • LogoPublisher - Customizable Vector Print-Data generator with CMYK/Pantone colors
  • LogoCreator - On-line 3D vizualization configurator for your own products
  • PromoCatalog - Customizable web catalog with promotional products from all EU distributors
  • PromoShop - Customizable e-commerce extension for PromoCatalog
  • PromoCalculator - On-line calculator for printing prices (easy include to yours websites)
  • PromoConfigurator - On-line configurator for Custom products with real-time 3D visualization
  • PromoContent - New & improved distributor's product visual presentation
    and more ...
We are currently looking for new colleagues:
  • Sales Representative (EU) - WILL OPEN IN SUMMER 2018
  • Marketing Specialist (EU) - WILL OPEN IN SUMMER 2018
  • Sales & Project Manager - TAKEN
  • Business Development Manager - TAKEN
  • Web Developer ASP.NET (C#) - TAKEN
  • SW Architect & Senior Developer ASP.NET MVC + Team Leader (C#) - TAKEN
  • Specialised .NET Developer for Graphic/OpenGL (C#) - TAKEN
Contact Person & Our Team:
Daniel Frouz
Founder / CEO

Contact us at:
Mgr. Zdeněk Navracký
Business Development Manager
Project Supervisor

Ana Crkvenjaš
Sales Manager EU
Project Coordinator EU
Your opportunity
Sales Representative EU
(will open in summer 2018)

Pavel Purma
Head of Development
Software Architect
.NET Developer

Pavol Repický
Visualization Specialist
.NET Developer

Vratislav Jindra
.NET Developer
Your opportunity
Marketing Specialist EU
(will open in summer 2018)

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